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Why OWN your equipment?

So what does it mean when we say that you will OWN your equipment? Well, it means that rather then spending $50+ a month to lease your equipment, you get to own it! So what are the benefits?

1. Just like buying a car, you're building instant equity in your home or business!

2. Decide you want to cancel monitoring, or lease your home? The equipment stays even when you go!

3. Moving? Let our technicians transfer your equipment!

4. SAVE. Purchasing your equipment is an investment. That means you're guaranteed to save money in the long run! You can pay $50+ a month for the rest of your life to lease the equipment from a corporation, or own it and pay just $10 a month for monitoring.

Interested in saving and owning your equipment TODAY? Give us a call and we will get you a free quote (512)789-7950

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